This breeding farm originated from animals of other top-companies.
Selection is based on fertility indexes which largely determine the return on investment.

The fertility index of the ewes and rams ranges up to 200 and more.

An other selection criterium is the exterior.
The animals have to be large and long, since this determines the weight.
Ewes with a larger format can carry lots of lambs and also digest larger amounts of roughage.

Both udder shape and milk production are monitored closely.
A positive correlation between growth and milk production has been established,
therefore lambs are also submitted to weight checks.

Swifter ewes also have to be caring mothers: they have to accept their offspring, even when there may be 3 or 4 troublemakers feeding at the udder.

Legs and claws have to be firm to grant longevity to the animals.

The ewes have tails which are 95 % free of wool.

A strict selection has been made on ARR/ARR animals, with the intent to create a herd which is both BSE and scrapie insensitive. This objective has now been achieved.

By selection all our animals are now MyoMax Gold animals and blinding factor free.

Annually all lambs have their meatindex calculated.

A great variety of the best bloodlines of the herdbook is present in our flock.
Import of choice rams provide offspring and prevent inbreeding.