2002: In 2002, we bought "De Schapenhoeve", an ancient sheep farm. With the farm, we became the owner of 4 milk sheep, that would change our lives and aroused the interest in breeding sheep.

2009: After several years of exploring the interesting world of sheep, we met Mathieu Kesters, with whom we purchased our first Swifter MyoMax ram

2010: After the purchase of our first Swifter ram, our interest in breeding quality sheep grew and we purchased - with Mathieu again our first Swifter ewes. Since that day, we are also member of the Dutch Swifter Herd Book.

2012: Years went by and one day we got the opportunity to take over the whole flock of Mathieu Kesters. We seized the opportunity.

 Since that day, we breed Swifter sheep with a high fertility, MyoMax gold and a high meat index.