Myomax and blinding factor aka IScan


Research established the presence of 6 rams and 16 ewes with the Myomax Gold genome (double genome carrier).

With a possible exception, all the lambs will carry this gene once or twice. Myomax is a DNA test for a gene that increases the muscle ratio and decreases fat ratio. Lambs carrying the Myomax gene have a 5% increase in muscle ratio in their backs and hams and carry 7% less fat. The Myomax Gold animals have 10% more muscle and 14% less fat than animals without this gene.


Blinding factor aka IScan

All the tested animals are blinding factor-free. Hereditary blindness is present within many breeds. Such a blind lamb has underdeveloped eyes. The blinding factor is genetically twice present. One gene comes from the mother and the other from the father. These parent animals see but they are carriers and should be selected out.